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We’ve been full time rving since 2012 and during that whole time I’ve had my unlimited data plan through Verizon. In fact, I’ve had the plan since they first launched it several years ago and continue to hold onto it dearly since we use it as our main internet connection while on the road.

Since being grandfathered in, I no longer got the upgraded phone every two years and had kept a very old HTC Thunderbolt. It had basically stopped working as a phone or as a standalone do anything. We kept it plugged in all the time since the battery was useless too.

But it was doing what we needed it to so there was no need to go out and buy a new phone that I’d have to pay full amount for.

Sneaky Verizon Changes

Then I read this article that talked about how Verizon had planned to throttle their unlimited users and one of the criterium they’d use was to see who was out of contract. I knew I was no longer under contract and didn’t want my data to be throttled so I contacted Ryan Maharg to see what he could do.

Within a week I had gotten an upgraded phone and gotten into the contract without hassle on my end. Ryan knew how to navigate the whole thing and worked with my needs in mind. Since Ryan and his team are an authorized reseller for Verizon, they know how to handle all the latest issues that arise.

Millenicom Debacle

When we first got on the road, we signed up for the Millenicom jetpack mifi, but didn’t use it as much as we thought we would so we stopped, but I noticed this forum post about how Verizon is taking over Millenicom’s customers so I reached out to Ryan to see how he could help. Below

  • Do you have any advice to help millenicom customers keep their accounts the same?
    Not all accounts will be able to stay the same.  It will depend on the plan they have.  Anybody with questions can reach out to me on a per case basis and I will let them know the options
  • How can they deal with the move smoothly?
    Of course I recommend everybody contacting me so everything can be done correctly.  I can do everything remotely and they will never have any service interruption.  
  • What will it mean to their plans?
    As stated in answer #1 some plans will be able to stay and some will not.  Verizon is also doing some promotional plans for some customers switching from Millenicom.  Not all customers will qualify for this.  
  • How can your team help with the transition?
     We have converted several customers with no interruption.  It is a pretty easy process for us they just need to contact me 🙂
For the rest of the Verizon customers, are there any specials or news coming down the pipe that would be crucial for full time rvers to look for?
I haven’t heard anything yet but if I do I will make sure to spread the word!

Getting Help While Traveling

Since finding Ryan and his team, it’s been a relief to know that someone will work to make sure my plan and coverage is what I need and will work to make it all right for me. If you are a Verizon customer and don’t already have someone helping you, then you should contact Ryan Maharg and his team at:

Ryan Maharg

Business Development Manager

Conway Communications
TCC )))
Verizon Wireless Premium Retailer
Cell Phone: 740-403-8414
Fax:              317-300-8485

Over to You

Have you made any big changes in your Verizon plans and want to share with us? Let me know in the comments.

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