The Not So Fun Parts of RV Living

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Does it seem that when something small goes wrong, it feels like a small snowball going downhill and other issues start popping up and then you have a full-blown avalanche?  Or is the reality that you start noticing things that are breaking and they seem to do it all at the same time.

We have been feeling like that with our Lazydaze recently.  We’ve had some minor issues that we kept putting off.

Thing like:

  • The toilet that doesn’t hold water anymore
  • The furnace that stops working and you have to get an electric rv heater
  • The water heater that sometimes won’t ignite right away
  • The step that is drooping and needs to be fixed.

We’ve lived just fine with those small things, but we got two whammies recently. Mold in our cabover area and an antifreeze leak.

We started smelling a strong odor of mold so I began investigating and found that we have a leak somewhere around the cabover because it is completely moldy and wet.  Even the best dehumidifier for RV wasn’t going to fix it. We knew we were going to have to be out of the rig for a bit for Christina’s recovery so I figured I would fix it during that time.

So far so good, then after driving rig to the place we are staying and I come back to see there is a large, and I mean large puddle of antifreeze on the ground.  We haven’t had one issue mechanically with our rig (other than a starter) since we bought it in 2012.

Now all those little things that were small nuisances are adding up with these two larger issues that we have to address before we can get on the road again.  We are at a point of do we fix the rig and keep her longer or sell her with the problems and get something different.

Luckily, I have good woodworking skills but the cabover project is not one I’m looking forward to.  I’ve heard horror stories that it gets worse as you tear things away.  The beauty of our Lazydaze is that we own her free and clear and she’s still worth more than the cost of the repairs.  It’s funny once you step back and realize that living in an RV is still far less expensive than living in a house and that the repairs will cost less than if you had the same issues in your house.

It’s easy to get caught up with a mentality that everything is going wrong and having a bad attitude but once you realize that you still have the ability to travel anywhere you want, all those issues don’t seem to matter anymore.  This is why we love RV Living and we wouldn’t trade it for anything even with all the problems that pop up over time or at the same time.

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