What To Do With Your Motorhome When You’re Not Using It

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As you undoubtedly know, your motorhome or travel trailer is no small investment. Even modest campers can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

And regardless of the five-figure price tag and loans that look more like mortgages, recreational vehicles are still vehicles — which means they depreciate in value rather than accruing equity.

Of course, as any RVer knows, the footloose camping lifestyle is well worth the money. And for full-timers, RV living can actually be a way to help save cash. After all, if you hadn’t spent it on your rig, you’d likely be spending it on an actual mortgage or a heap of HOA fees… all to say nothing of the financial benefits of living minimalistically (which small RV footprints certainly encourage)!

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But for those of us who haven’t quite made the leap to full-timing yet, there’s the pesky problem of what to do with our RVs when we’re not using them. When you’re stuck at home, an RV sitting in the driveway reminding you every day about how you’re not on that epic camping trip you’ve been looking forward to is just plain discouraging. And if you have to pay for a storage unit somewhere off your property, it’s an extra expense to boot.

Besides which, your vehicle’s value and systems are constantly deteriorating as it sits there, just waiting to be used. Ugh! Total bummer, right?

But fortunately, there is one fantastic solution that solves all of these problems… and even puts some extra money into your pocket at the same time: renting your RV out!

How to Earn Money by Renting Your RV on RVshare

Remember your first RV trip?

You probably set out for your first-ever camping destination, bright eyed and a little nervous, in an RV rental that you got from a big, commercial rental dealership — where you likely paid a pretty penny for a fairly boring, if workable, rig.

Obviously, you fell in love with camping (who wouldn’t?) and the rest is history. But what if there had been a better way to rent?

Now, there is. RV owners like you who say “can I rent my RV?” can actually rent their personal rigs to trustworthy travelers when those RVs would otherwise be sitting empty and collecting dust.

And along with bringing a comfortable, personalized experience to a new set of RVers, RVshare has the added incentive of being very lucrative. The average RV owner who rents their rig on RVshare pockets at least $5,000, and up to $30,000, per year… all just for renting out their vehicle during times when they wouldn’t have been using it anyway.


I know, it totally sounds too good to be true. You may be wondering if there’s a catch.

But there’s really not. And better yet, your rental experience is totally backed by RVshare’s one-of-a-kind renter benefits, including liability, collision, and comprehensive insurance coverage through A-rated insurance carriers. RVshare is the only peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace that provides peace of mind to its renters at this level!

Valley of Fire - State Park

Las Vegas, USA – September 6, 2013: A photo of the Valley of Fire State Park in Las Vegas Nevada. The photo shows an RV driving through the scenic state park.

Along with great insurance coverage on each and every rental, RVshare also provides free 24/7 roadside assistance including towing as well as secure payments, which are deposited directly to your bank account. Plus, you’re in total control of your rental pricing, and you always have the final say on who’s allowed to rent your vehicle.

RVshare’s rental platform makes it really simple to get started renting your RV to travelers looking for a unique and personal rental experience. And since RV owners like you can usually afford to rent your rigs at a fraction of big-box prices (since you’re not paying big-box overhead), there’s never a lack of demand for your vehicle. Just imagine: every time you look out the window and see your rig just sitting there, instead, you’d be watching cash flow into your bank account.

Furthermore, when travelers rent an RV through RVshare, they’re getting exposure to the unique charm of the RV lifestyle. In other words, by renting your rig on the peer-to-peer market, you’re helping bring more campers into our wonderful camping community! Many owners have met lifelong friends and travel buddies through the RVshare system — after all, it’s pretty much a constant stream of adventurous, outdoorsy folk looking for their next epic journey, which is exactly how most of us started out in the RV life.

Here’s what just a few successful RV owners have to say about their RV rental experience through RVshare:

I had interested renters within one week, and in no time I had made $3,500 off of four rentals. Using RVshare makes my RV payment and provides me with additional extra income. — Cliff


I decided to start renting to RVshare because I wanted to increase our family income while paying down the debt on the camper. I get inquiries every day! Share your RV, share the love! — Jesse


Mostly I wanted to offset the cost of owning my RV so that I could keep it. I would highly recommend doing this. I have so enjoyed meeting the people who have rented my RV and feel as if they are now friends. — Rebecca

As you can see, this easy earning opportunity has a lot more going for it than just extra money… although of course, no one’s going to turn up their nose at an extra $5,000 or more per year. You’ve got nothing to lose when it would otherwise just be sitting there, waiting for your next great adventure. In fact, you might even be able to use the funds you earn through renting your rig to further enjoy the vacations you take in it later!

Happy camping, and happy renting, too!

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