Get Organized, Sleep Better, and Head West

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Hidden Finds

If you’re looking to make it out to Arizona, here is a great write up of Saguaro National Park Petroglyphs with beautiful photos of what to expect when you go there.

RV Accessories

Sleep! We all want to have a good night sleep and to wake up refreshed. Unfortunately many RV mattresses we have in our rigs just don’t do a good job. In this post, we cover rv sizes, types of mattresses, and where to buy rv mattress to upgrade your sleep in the RV.

And since it’s getting close to spring we added rv organization tips and what we use to keep our small living space more manageable. Would love to hear your tips and tricks as well.

Don’t forget about portable waste ranks (, RV caulking (, electric heater ( and black tank cleaners (!

You might also need gas grills for your RV, check it out here!

Working on the Road

First of all, always get roadside assistance:

Whether you’re retired and looking to make a little extra change or you still need to earn money while traveling, this site makes it easy to do.

My favorite resource to find jobs online is FlexJobs. They scour the web and add telecommuting, contract, and part-time jobs. Companies will also list their open jobs directly with them.

My most current client came from FlexJobs and it’s been a great way to find something without wading through the online scams.

I’ll do a full review of them soon, but if finding a job is the only thing holding you back from getting on the road, then you can start looking now.

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RV Lifestyle

The years started running together when we worked in our cubicles and doing the 9-5 drill, but once you live on the road, you have new locations to mark your months and years.

Here is an annual review that will give you an idea of how living on the road can feel.

Over to You

Do you have any organization tips to share with us?

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