Best RV Weather Stations For 2020 [Our Reviews and Comparisons]

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When it comes to owning an RV, it is like a fun toy that never stops being fun and exciting. Reason being, there are many numerous updates and upgrades that an individual can buy to enhance their RV experience. Whether it is more storage, an awning, or a better convection microwave, having the right gadgets ensure that the next family adventure is one of the best in the books.

With this in mind, one of the best gadgets for RV lovers is having a weather station. The right weather station is the difference between getting the best out of your day or getting rained on. With that in mind, we will be looking at the best RV weather stations and what you can expect from the best weather stations of today.

TOP PICK! 1. AcuRite 02027A1 Color Weather Station
  • Accurate weather forecast
  • Works in low temperatures
  • Colour display
  • 330 feet wireless range.
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2. La Crosse Technology 308-1414B Wireless Atomic Digital Color Forecast Station
  • LCD display
  • Indoor and outdoor use.
  • Monitor and show humidity
  • Easy to set up and use.
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3. La Crosse Technology WS-9133BK-IT Wireless Forecast Station
  • Affordable
  • Not distracting
  • Easy to use
  • Tracks temperature and forecast.
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4. La Crosse Technology WS-9160U-IT Digital Thermometer
  • Budget-friendly
  • Digital display
  • High and low temperatures
  • 330 feet radius.
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5. AcuRite 02064MA1 Pro Weather Station
  • Easy to install
  • 2-year battery life
  • One of the best
  • Record pressures and temperatures
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Why You Need One

This is really the million-dollar question! With cell phones and TVs, why does an individual need a weather station? Well, in reality, unless a person is watching the NEWS at a specific time of the day, they will not be able to accurately receive the weather. With that, sometimes the weather is only a slight prediction of what the rest of the day might be. With a cellphone, sometimes the weather may not be displayed properly or it may range depending on the websites that an individual uses.

This is where a weather station comes to mind. A weather station for your RV is designed to give you the weather in a moment to moment notice. It will track the indoor and outdoor weather temperatures, barometric pressure, moon phases and more, depending on the brand. The best part about an RV weather station is their supreme accuracy.

Overall, the right RV weather station will ensure that you get the best out of your day. Whether it is rainy or sunny, an individual can better plan their day. With this in mind, let’s look at the five best 5 RV weather stations.

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The Best 5 RV Weather Stations

If you are an individual looking for the best RV weather stations, we are eager to share this list with you. When considering a weather station, it is important to look at the functionality of the weather station, its intended purpose, the quality, and of course, the cost to value. These are in no order, simply five great weather stations that all range from each other. With that said, let’s begin with the first one.

1. AcuRite 02027A1 Color Weather Station

If you are an individual looking for a feature-packed weather station with plenty of pros, this is it! In fact, this may be one of the best weather station sensors in the industry for the price. Planning the day with confidence is a breeze made with this self-calibrating weather station that has a colour display and provides 12 to 24-hour weather predictions. With an extremely accurate exterior sensor, these are the amazing benefits of this weather station.


  • Wireless accurate weather forecast.
  • Easy to install and easy to use.
  • Works in degrees as low as -40.
  • Barometric pressure
  • Moon phase indicator.
  • Colour display for easy reading and appealing look.
  • Time Clock & Date indicator.
  • Tabletop design makes it easy to place on a counter or desk.
  • It has a wireless range of about 330 feet.


  • Users have mentioned the wireless range is not as good as they thought.

How to Power or Work the Weather Station

This weather station is self-calibrating, meaning it does all predictions of the weather within a 12 to 24 for hour forecast range. It does so with an exterior sensor that can be placed outside of your RV.

2. La Crosse Technology 308-1414B Wireless Atomic Digital Color Forecast Station

For both indoor and outdoor use, this weather station may be one of the best for individuals looking for an in-the-moment reading. With a full-colour LCD display with tiny icons that even kids can read, this atomic self-setting digital forecast station is perfect for both indoor and outdoor readings. This weather station is self-setting, giving individuals automatic DST updates.


  • LCD display with full-colour icons showing sunny, partly sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy, and stormy.
  • Self-setting atomic time-saving technology is extremely accurate.
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Displays both indoor and outdoor temperature.
  • Indicators for both lo reception and low battery.
  • Temperature alerts indoor and outdoor.
  • Will monitor and show humidity as well.
  • Easy to set up and easy to use.


  • Batteries are not included.

How to Power or Work the Weather Station

For this particular weather station to work, it requires two double AA batteries. However, shortly after that, the accurate atomic self-setting feature will begin to calibrate the outdoor and indoor temperature. As far as, working the weather station, there are numerous simple displays to use, such as outdoor temperature and indoor temperature as well as two bottom buttons for alerts and alarms.

3. La Crosse Technology WS-9133BK-IT Wireless Forecast Station

This one is easily known as one of the most common. However, this one is also known as one of the simplest. With that it in mind, this weather station can monitor indoor and outdoor temperature wirelessly and it also features a 12 and 24-hour clock system. With a simple digital display, we believe for the price it is worth the functionality aspect of this one of a kind wireless forecast station.


  • Affordable wireless station with simple functionality.
  • Not too much going on which can be distracting.
  • It is easy to read and easy to use.
  • Keep track of temperature and forecast.


  • Users have mentioned that it only has about 75% accuracy rating.
  • Non-Color Display is plain.

How to Power or Work the Weather Station

As far as using this weather station, it is known to be one of the simplest in the industry. Running on 5 AA Alkaline Batteries, this weather station has a sensor that can read temperature and barometric pressure. With that, it has been known to only have an accuracy rating of 75%-85% due to the simplicity of the weather station. We believe, for the price, this is worth it.

4. La Crosse Technology WS-9160U-IT Digital Thermometer

This digital thermometer is one of the best from this brand. With the simple design, it is highly touted as one of the best because individuals love the simple display and accuracy rating. This digital thermometer, in particular, comes with a wireless remote and a clock. The sensor can, in fact, transmit data within a range of 330 feet for the best accuracy. With that said, the readings can be in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.


  • Budget-friendly and easy to install a thermometer
  • A digital display is easy to read.
  • The digits are extra-large, which is especially beneficial for individuals with eye-sight problems.
  • It collects daily high and low temperatures.
  • Receives weather data from three different sensors.
  • 330 feet radius.


  • Other remotes sold separately.
  • Users have mentioned that it is only slightly accurate.

How to Power or Work the Weather Station

When it comes to powering this particular weather station, also known as a digital thermometer, we can say that with all it needs is batteries for it to start working. With that, individuals should give it a bit of time for it to pick up all data from the three separate sensors. From there, the thermometer will quickly begin displaying the time, the indoor temperature and the outdoor temperature.

5. AcuRite 02064MA1 Pro Weather Station

When it comes to weather stations that excel above the competition, AcuRite has it right. The AcuRite 02064MA 1 Weather Station is one of the best in the industry. Although the price tag can shock many individuals, it should only reflect the quality of this weather station. This one, in particular, has everything from an internet-connected access to data to the ability to be used from your smartphone or tablet. In fact, the brand calls this one the 5-in-1 weather station due to the sensor accuracy that measures five different weather patterns and conditions. With that said, here are the many pros of this weather station.


  • Easy to install and completely wireless.
  • One of the best in the industry.
  • 2-year battery life guarantee.
  • It can transmit for up to 330 feet away.
  • Works in as low as -40 degrees.
  • High and low record pressures and temperatures.
  • Humidity indicator.


  • The price tag can be considered expensive.

How to Power or Work the Weather Station

This weather station in particular works alongside different sensors to give you the most accurate reading. More so, this weather station can also be connected to a tablet or smartphone so individuals can receive real-time stats even while hiking or away from their RV. With that said, simply put in the batteries and allow it to calibrate. From there, individuals can read further instructions to connect their cellphone.

What is the best choice?

As far as the best choice, it can be hard to pinpoint. Reason being that the best choice is determined by an individual and their needs. What we can say, is that if you are simply wanting a simple weather display, you do not need to spend a lot. However, for individuals seasoned in the art of RV travel, we highly recommend any of the ones from the AcuRite brand. With this in mind, your next trip will be an easier and more enjoyable one, because you can better plan thanks to your RV weather station!

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