Best RV Water Filter Setup

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You want a good water filter for your RV. The funny thing is you don’t even think about something so important until after you’ve been on the road and seen all the different levels of quality water sources out there.

You can go from the most pristine water source at one RV spot to murky water at the next. And the best defense for bringing good quality water into your rig is to make sure you have a durable water filter that will do the job for you.

I’ll share with you the best rv water filter setup that we’ve used while traveling on the road.

Reviews of the Best RV Water Filter

Camco 40043 TastePURE Water Filter with Flexible Hose Protector

The first one I’ll share is probably the most popular one you’ll know about . It does the job ok and for most camping trips. When you get the combo pack, you’re really paying for one filter that will last you for one “entire season” (whatever that means) and one flexible hose that will help ease the strain of adding the filter to your water intake valve on your rig.

After you get this for the first time, the next time you need to buy a filter you can just choose the two or four pack of water filters.

This type is installed outside your rig after the water source or before you attach it to your rig’s water line.


  • Effective and Easy
  • Comes in a set
  • Good for first-time users


  • What is a “season” really? The recommend 3 months use for one filter
  • Doesn’t indicate when it’s time to change it out

Final Verdict

Camco has the market on many of the RV related products and they are sold pretty much anywhere you need them. So if you need to do a quick Walmart trip, they’ll likely be there for you.

Systems IV Exterior Water Filter

After we’d been on the road for a while, we were looking to find something that would last a little longer. After some research, we found this US company with no frills filter. This thing works for 10,000 gallons. You add it to your rig outside and it works great.


  • 10,000 gallons (Usually 1 year)
  • Reduces waste


  • Not as easy to find in stores.

Final Verdict

After finding this filter, it’s the only one we use now. If the company realized that there was an RV market they could concentrate on then they could improve their sales and cater to use really.

Woder 10K Ultra High Capacity Direct Connect Water Filtration System

I wanted to add this filter as an honorable mention. Since finding our Systems IV filter, we really haven’t looked at filters in a while. Doing research for this article I noticed this Woder and started researching it.

They are doing a great job with the packaging and really making it all in one purchase, giving you everything you need to buy a filter system for your rig.




  • Portable and versatile
  • 99.99% contaminants removal (Their claim)
  • Complete filter kit with inline and outline hoses


  • Reduces water pressure for some folks

Final Verdict

Many people love this filter as it removes a lot of water impurities and has an easy setup.

Sink Filter System

This might sound weird, but along with the filter outside, we have a water filter added to our kitchen faucet to use with our coffee or cooking. We figure the outside filter does great to get most of the impurities and we just want one more added to make our drinking water taste even better.

Below are the ones we’ve tried and the one we currently have on our kitchen faucet.

DuPont Electric Metered 200-Gallon Faucet Mount Water Filtration Filter

We’ve had this filter since 2015 and love it. With the indicator, you know how many gallons you’ve used and when you need to replace the filter.

It easily attaches to the sink faucet and I really like that there’s a knob for when you want filtered drinking water and you can turn it off when you just need water.

You do have to run a bit of water through the filter for two minutes to activate the filter for the first time.




  • Use indicator
  • 200 gallons


  • Might not fit all faucets without adapters
  • Little bulky if you have a small sink

Final Verdict

For us, it’s a great purchase to know that very few impurities are getting into our drinking water. This thing installs quickly and painlessly.



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