Best RV Mattress [Our Reviews And Comparisons]

Wondering where to buy RV mattress for your RV?

RV mattresses are the biggest pain in the necks and backs for most RV’ers. The materials used in the mattresses seem more like an afterthought so it can get out the door as cheaply as possible.

Manufacturers are starting to do a better job on newer RV’s but if you have an older one, then you’re probably in the market to get a new RV mattress or possibly just a memory foam mattress topper to make it more comfortable.

In addition to getting a new mattress or topper, check out these 7 tips to sleeping better in an RV!

There are several types of mattresses to choose from when you start researching which one to buy.

Comparison Table

TOP PICK!1. Best Price Mattress 6-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Short Queen
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Won't sag in the middle
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2. Cooling Memory 10" Foam Mattress
  • Fits most short queen areas
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3. Memory Foam Mattress 4" Topper
  • This goes on top of the mattress to add extra comfort
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4. Foam Mattress 2" Topper for RVs
  • This goes on top of the mattress to add extra comfort
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The folks at Plushbeds have worked with all the major RV manufacturers to ensure their beds fit in the most popular rigs.

Their mattresses are hypo allergenic and their plush foam helps with distributing body weight, so there are fewer pressure points while sleeping.


  • Made in the USA
  • Won't sag in the middle


  • 6" might be too thin for some, they have an 8" as well

​This RV/Short Queen mattress is available from their complete mattress line so make sure you choose the right size.

​The cooling foam helps keep things cool while sleeping and can also reduce the pressure points at night. At 10 inches, make sure you have enough clearance if you're putting it in the over cab area.


  • Fits most short queen areas


  • Too firm for some
  • Started dipping after 2 years

RV mattress types are a very personal decision. You might love a firm mattress while your spouse will absolutely hate it.

Mattress Types Pros and Cons

widely available
several firmness levels
initial comfort and support
Below average owner satisfaction
durability and conforming ability
Memory Foam
Inexpensive brands
widely available,
above average conforming ability
motion isolation
Heat retention potential
initial odor or off gassing possible
HybridNice combo of support and comfort
many firmness levels
motion isolation
can be expensive
questionable lifespan
possible heat retention and heavy
LatexAppeals to green buyers
can be customized
Heat retention possible
Limited availability
Possible initial odor
AirAdjustable support / firmness for each side
above average pain relief potential above average longevity
Above average costs
malfunction possible
uneven sleep surface possible
Futon/Sofa Sleeper
dual purposes for bed and sofa
many color options
Below average durability
too thin or firm
initial odor possible

Do You Have a Weird Bed Size?

If you have a weird size mattress, then this company can help you out.

I spoke with the owner of Mattress Insider and they do a great job of creating mattresses for all sizes for your RV.

Corner Mattress with cut off end?

They have it.

Short Queen Mattress?

It's on their list.

I was really surprised at all the different sizes they have for RV'ers. And after talking with the owner I was able to get a discount for you.

Just use rvliving as your code when checking out online and you'll get an additional 10% off of your order.

Have a lot of questions? That's ok too. Just call them and they'll help you over the phone. That's a rarity. When you call, you can still use the rvliving code to get your 10% off too.

What Are the RV Mattress Sizes

The first time you go camping and try to put regular sheets on your RV mattress, you realize they’re not quite the right fit.

To save on space, many RV mattresses are shorter by as much as 8 inches. If you’re a tall man or woman you’ve probably already noticed this difference.

One friend is 6’5” and he prefers sleeping in the overhead cab because his feet don’t hang over the edge like in the dedicated queen bed in the back.

RV Mattress Sizes Chart

To know what size you need you’ll want to know your current RV bed size and then go from there.

When we got a replacement rv mattress for our sofa/bed we just measured out the area and compared it to the rv mattress size chart to get the best fit.

Below are the typical sizes.

Full Size54X75
Short Queen RV Mattress60X74
Short Queen RV Mattress60X75
Short King RV Mattress72X74
Short King RV Mattress72X75
King Mattress72X80

RV Sofa Bed Mattress Replacement

For the RV sofa mattress replacement, we went online to Amazon and searched futon mattresses.

We wanted a sofa mattress that was durable for daily use, could easily fold up to a sofa, and provided good back support.

We went with a mattress with independently encased coils between foam and polyester since we already had a memory foam mattress topper.

For us, it provided the best of both worlds, support of coils with the comfort of memory foam. We have Amazon Prime and we love it since no matter where we travel, we always get free shipping for any purchases.

The mattress came compressed and rolled in a box to keep shipping costs down.

We opened it up to let it air out a little bit and it fits perfectly on our sofa. We just replaced the sofa cushions with the futon mattress and it fits perfectly in place.

Since we have animals we got a futon cover to help protect the mattress through all the dog and cat napping that takes place on it.

Mattress Toppers

Maybe you just bought your RV and don’t feel like replacing the whole mattress but it’s not as comfortable as you'd like it to be.

In this instance, buying a mattress topper can help with the comfort without the hassle of replacing the entire mattress.

Some people call a mattress topper a mattress pad, but they are two different products.

A mattress topper helps improve mattress comfort while a mattress pad is used to protect the mattress.

You can buy both and place the pad over the topper to protect it and to help secure it to the actual mattress.

There are several different type of mattress toppers:

  • Memory foam
  • Latex
  • Feather
  • Fiber/Down alternative
  • Wool

The most popular is memory foam due to it’s cost and availability and customer satisfaction for increased comfort.

2 RV Mattress Toppers to Choose From

3. Memory Foam Mattress 4" Topper

This short queen topper is 4 inches thick and should provide great comfort on top of your original RV mattress.

The great thing about it is the topper isolates motion from between partners so you should still be able to sleep, even if your loved one can't

Mattress Insider has been building mattress toppers for RVs since 2008. This foam topper has every size imaginable for RV beds.

Helps alleviate painful pressure points an is a solid solution for people who are quite ready to give up on their regular mattress

Where to Buy RV Mattress Sheets

Now that you have your RV mattress size and looking to get your mattress replacement, you’ll want to look at rv mattress sheets to go along with it.

Yes, you can just use your sheets for the new mattress and it will work fine, but you’ll have a lot of extra to tuck under since the rv mattress is typically shorter.

If you are like most people, you miss having the nice fitted sheets with no wrinkles or extra sheet bunching up so getting rv mattress sheets is a nice addition as well. If you have a mattress topper be sure to get the deep fitted sheets.

If you have an RV mattress with cut corner and you need a replacement for that you definitely have replacement mattresses online you just need to verify the size and the dimensions of your mattress and then get the custom replacement mattress for your bed.

Dual Control Air Mattress for RV

Open air mattress for RV have dual air cell chambers in their mattresses. That means one side can be firm while the other side can be soft.

It just depends on your personal preference on how you want it to be. A few years ago the Sleep Number came out with their own RV mattresses and you can usually find them through Camping World.


You can get by on your current mattress for a while, but eventually everyone starts looking to upgrade and find the perfect replacement.

Have you replaced your RV mattress yet?

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