Best Caulk for RV Exterior In [year] [Our Reviews and Comparisons]

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Need to find the best caulk for your RV exterior?

When maintaining your RV it’s crucial to keep up with the monthly and yearly maintenance and to caulk your RV to prevent leaks. In this article I’ll chat about the best RV caulk for you exterior.

After our rig started showing signs of a leak in the back, we remembered that it had been over a year since we’d done any RV exterior caulking. It works great when you remember to do it often and is horrible when you forget.

After noticing the leak, we took our rig to the local RV repair place thinking that there was some hole somewhere. We were happy to find out that it was just do to the broken seal in the caulk, but also a little upset with ourselves for letting it go so long.

To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, just get the best caulk for RV exterior and make sure to add the task or a reminder to your calendar so you know when it’s time to do it.

Whether you’ve noticed a leak starting and want to fix it or if you’re trying to keep your RV in top shape, maintainting it using caulk is one of the simplest things you can you.

So do you need a special kind of RV caulk and is buying the RV specific stuff really worth the price or can you can away with the regular 30+ year latex caulk?

Best RV Caulk Comparison Table

TOP PICK!1. Geocel 28127V Pro Flex Bright White RV Flexible Sealan
  • Suited more for roof
  • Full manufacturer warranty
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2. EternaBond RSW-4-50 RoofSeal Sealant Tape
  • Uses MicroSealant Technology
  • Simple installation
Check Latest Price
3. Dicor 502-LSW Self-Leveling Lap Sealant
  • Great overall product
  • UV stabilized
  • Compatible with EPDM
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Best Caulk to Use

The first two are more for the roof and not necessarily caulk, but will work very well to seal your roof seems.​

Why is RV exterior caulking necessary?

When you’re driving down the road and going over bumps with your RV, it tends to move and twist and give in the right spots. All this moving causes the seals to break down and crack.

Since the seams crack over time, you want to setup a scheduled maintenance plan to reseal all the trim, windows, doors and anywhere else where water can get in.

Your RV’s roof also has seals that you’ll need to reseal, but you’ll want to use a different product to seal this area and we’ll cover that below.

Will typical Silicone caulk work ok?

So many people think that you can just add any type of sealant and it will work. But this is not correct. The issue with silicone is that it doesn’t hold the seal when the RV moves and twists so it’s like you’re not even adding a sealant to protect your RV.

The other issue with silicone is that moisture can easily get underneath where the silicone breaks from the RV flexing. When this happens, you have a very diffult time finding the leak.

Should you recaulk or remove old caulk before applying?

When you’re caulking, can you just apply over the old caulk or do you need to remove all the old stuff before reapplying. Many people ask this because it’s not the most enjoyable thing to do to cover your whole RV seals and so they want a shortcut.

If you purchased a used RV and someone sealed the windows and doors with silicone, then you’ll definitely need to remove all traces of the old caulk because nothing will adhere to it, not even old silicone.

To prevent from scratching or removing the paint on your RV, you can use a plastic razor scraper

How long does it take to recaulk an RV?

Now that you know all the details about recaulking, which one should you use? Some people try to get by with the cheapest stuff out there. But why pay all this money for your RV just to scrimp on the sealant?

Many people suggest the RV ProFlex. When you go to reseal your roof, then use the Dicor Lap Sealant. This is a self leveling sealant that will work on most roofs. You can also use Eternabond for the roof sealing areas. This is a tape that you can apply over older sealant on the roof and it will bond with it and provide a good seal.

You can watch this video that will show you how to properly seal your windows and doors for your RV

Now that you’ve found and applied the best caulk for RV exterior, your rig should be good to go until the next maintenance time.


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Last Updated on January 14, 2020

Best Caulk for RV Exterior In [year] [Our Reviews and Comparisons]
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Best Caulk for RV Exterior In [year] [Our Reviews and Comparisons]
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