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We stopped in Austin, TX to spend the holidays with my family. During that time I decided to be offline and hang with them. It was a wonderful Christmas and New Years, very relaxing and gave us a chance to recharge. We traveled faster than we wanted to get there, so we were a little tired when we got there.

90 West in Texas

So now we are taking 90 west through Texas (sorry Dad, I-10 is a little too fast and not as scenic). Apparently, we chose one of the coldest winters in quite a while for the area. I guess that’s a great lesson that perfect conditions don’t happen, you have to follow your dreams anyway.

A Night in Hondo

We spent two weeks boondocking in Austin. That means we were self-contained and we didn’t have electricity and we used our fresh water tanks to take showers and our sewage holding tanks and grey water holding tanks for showers and dishes and such. We also used our furnace and batteries more than we ever had before. It was a great dry run of what to expect when we are boondocking in the National Parks. And we learned just how important the house batteries are to keep the furnace running and keeping us warm.

When we made it to Hondo and found a little old RV park that had electricity and water, we were pretty giddy. It’s weird, but not worrying about your levels is a pretty freeing experience. But dry camping is a lot of fun too. It’s the notion that everything you need is right with you.

Del Rio

We should make it to Del Rio today. I’m playing with a few different map programs that will allow me to show you where we have been so you can follow along a little better. And now that the holidays are over, I will get back to my more frequent posting schedule.

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